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In the wasteland of Earth’s future lurks a strange man with keys to the past.

Centuries have gone by, but hazy memories trickle through those years and gnaw at the edges of forgetfulness. Artefacts travel through lost time and resurrect at opportune moments, and unlikely heroes are bound through spirit many decades apart. The fourth issue of this 10-part brings forth answers to some of the most pressing mysteries that guide the series—what is the connection between those resisting The Solar Grid’s construction and the clueless inhabitants of Earth’s wastelands five hundred years into the future? The clue is in the memories.

Also inside: Backmatter by Sherif Adel.

“Exhilirating and important slab of sci-fi comix.”
—Corey J. White, author of Void Black Shadow.

︎︎︎ Softcover:  58 pages
︎︎︎ Dimensions: 6x9 in | 15x23 cm

︎︎︎ Weight:     4.3 oz | 124 gm