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Planet Earth is already bearing the brunt of the humanity’s abject disregard in the opening issue of Ganzeer’s The Solar Grid. In this nonlinear tale spanning several centuries after a great flood has subsumed much of the modern world, we meet Sharif Algebri, a man about to change human existence forever. We also meet Teddy Taplin, a whistleblower who risks everything to stop him, and two young children in the distant future whose curiosity unravels long lost histories.

“Gorgeous political science fiction comics for grown-ups.”
—Saladin Ahmed, award-winning writer of Black Bolt and Throne of the Crescent Moon.

︎︎︎ Softcover:  42 pages
︎︎︎ Dimensions: 6x9 in | 15x23 cm

︎︎︎ Weight:     3.2 oz | 94 gm


︎︎ USD 12.00
︎︎ USD 10.00

The world’s oldest and richest man of all time is a visionary, a wanton innovator, and a dangerous egomaniac.

Sharif Algebri is a genius. That is uncontested. When a great flood subsumes much of the modern world, big tech must conceive of a way to sustain life on Earth, and Sharif Algebri believes he has the answer. The second issue of The Solar Grid takes us into the future nexus of money and power that trambles everything in its path.

Also inside: Backmatter illustrations by Molly Crabapple and Hicham Habchi.

“Absolutely brilliant. An all-too-realistic glimpse into what would become of Earth were racist settler-colonial technophile powers allowed to endure.”
—Dominic Boyer, anthropologist and author of Energopolitics.

︎︎︎ Softcover:  50 pages
︎︎︎ Dimensions: 6x9 in | 15x23 cm

︎︎︎ Weight:     3.8 oz | 108 gm